Fat Loss Factor Review

Fat Loss Factor review is of a new nutrition and health program created by Dr. Charles Livingston, a nutrition and fitness expert and qualified Chiropractic Physician. Dr. Charles initially started to assist people to lose weight on a one on one basis and then founded the Fat Loss Factor to bring this unique weight loss program to a wider audience.

Fat loss factor review

How does the Fat Loss Factor System Work?

The program runs for a period of 12 weeks, starting with a detoxing period in the first couple of weeks. During this initial 2 week period, harmful toxins that cause your bodies fat cells to shrink will be eliminated. This is achieved by you eating natural organic foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, raw seeds and raw nuts.

At the end of this 2 week program, you will experience a reduction in fat reduction, find that your immune system is much stronger, increased energy levels and a reduction in the craving for food.

After the two week detox phase is over, you begin the regular program to start shedding fat, based on a series of “Fat Loss Factors” which includes:

  • Drinking plenty of water to wash away fat.
  • Carrying out Interval training exercises that helps your body to learn to adapt.
  • Strength training doe 3 times week to boost metabolism.
  • Preparing your mind and showing you how to stop and avoid stress.
  • Learn to be a grazer by consuming more but smaller meals every day.
  • Healthy foods to eat and what to avoid for maximizing fat loss.

I found the section where Dr. Charles explains which foods can help to maximize fat loss and to be aware of foods that cause weight gain. I read this part of the program and immediately realized what foods I needed to get rid of from my diet straight away. In addition, I found the Fat Loss Factor eBook to be well written and organized making it easy to follow the step by step fat loss guide.

Fat loss factor review

The Fat Loss Factor program includes:

  • A complete strategy that shows you the right way for an healthy diet.
  • Muscle development strategies that use strength and training workouts to accelerate the burning of body fat.
  • Comprehensive weight loss mind preparation guide that shows you how to stay motivated, enabling you to loss weight long term.

What is included in the Fat Loss Factor pack?

You are provided a comprehensive resource guide consisting of:

  • The Fat Loss Factor Blueprint starter guide.
  • The main Fat Loss Factor eBook.
  • Videos (Master Cleanse) showing you how to cleanse and detox your body.
  • An Exercise Log enabling you to monitor and track your progress.
  • A Workout guide which can be used by both beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Sample 15 Minutes Workouts.
  • Guide to set and monitor your goals.
  • List of Recipes and Groceries eBook.

I especially liked the exercise log was really good for getting back on track for those times when you find yourself falling behind schedule due to distractions that may be no fault of your own.

Fat loss factor review

Also note that this can all be downloaded instantly. This is because once you purchase the program, you are sent an email confirmation (make sure you check your ‘Junk’ mail folder just in case) that contains your own unique link to access and download the program to your computer. If like me you own an iPad, you can also download the Fat Loss Factor to an iPad and use the system direct from your eReader.

My only slight negative about the product is that maybe I would have liked to have seen a few more videos but maybe I am just asking for too much because the Fat Loss Factor is a nutrition and weight loss product that is complete and well compiled and provides you with exactly what you need on how to lose weight fast and keep it off. Fat Loss Factor has been working well for me and you can visit the official site to get more information to see if this is the right weight loss program for you too.

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